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First of all I would like to Thanks for joining our click and then I would prefer to explain our services about computer as well as music.. All types of Computer Courses are available here upto your satisfaction with reasonable charges. also we are providing Web services like hosting and domain facility etc. So for more detail about any course or service please choose the links given on the right side of this page and Enjoy :)


You would really surprise to find the combination between computer and music in the institute. Actually I used to teach Musical instruments like Flute, Organ, Harmonium and Guitar myself. I am very much crazy about the music so music is my craze but computer is my career. I am playing all these mentioned musical instruments from my childhood. Even I had also taken formal training from my guruji 'Late RaghunathJI' and also I had taken guidance from many more about these instruments. I am very much crazy about 'Flute'. Even I can also play 'Dholak' and 'Mouth-organ' but I used to teach only Flute, Organ and Guitar at my center.