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Vipin Bhatia


Welcome to My Site

Hello and Welcome to my Personal Site. Myself Vipin Bhatia. I am a teacher as well as web developer. Basically I am teaching in a Semi-Govt. School (S.D.Sr.Sec.School) as computer faculty as well as I am running my own Computer & Music Center named Shiv_computer & Music Point. In spite of These I am a web developer (freelancing). for more information about please visit different links...........


We are three in my family. My life partner & helping partner Meenu bhatia Who is B.A., M.A. but still house wife . She belongs to 'Tehsil Town', Panipat.

My little & Sweet baby Sushant Bhatia who is still 2+ year old. He is very active as well as extraordinary naughty fellow.


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We are 9 members at home. My Father Sh. Ram Sawrup Bhatia is eldest at home. He is Great Social Worker as well as Part Time accountant. Myself Vipin Bhatia, My wife Meenu Bhatia , My sweet Baby Sushant Bhatia and my sweet Daughter Jahnvi. My elder brother Rajiv bhatia is textile designer and also agent of Sahara India, My bhabhi (brother's wife) Renu Bhatia is a house wife, My Nephew and niece Sfurti Bhatia, student of class 7, & Saksham Bhatia is student of class 5 in Tagore School, panipat. My Younger brother Navin Bhatia is running his handloom-accessories shop

One of my elder brother Vijay Bhatia is Fully devoted to RSS. He is full time social worker and left home till. At present he is in Sirsa District (Haryana)

I have two sisters. Both of them are married in their own city. both are elders to me. one is Kiran Chawla and another one is Seema Banga

My Relatives (Near & Dear):

ok! about my whole relatives ? I have three 'chachaji' , one 'tayaji' lives in London, one 'bhuaji lives in Faridabad, two 'mamaji' lives in Panipat and in my in laws i have two brother in laws Pankaj & Amit Chugh .and cousin Piyush sethi Pankaj is Teaching in Arya College and Amit is Doing Job in Delhi as Hardware Engineer.............

I have many cousins. Elder cousins Rajesh bhaiya, Rakesh bhaiya and Bala Didi lives in London. So Other cousins are in different states. Sheetal, Preeti, Ashish, Sandeep bhaia lives in Mumbai, Minakshi bhatia lives in Kota, Sona bhatia lives in Bahadurgarh, Raman and Smriti bhatia lives in Delhi.  I have also four cousins from my maternal uncles. Rajan bhatia, Pushpak Bhatia, Neeraj and Kalu Bhatia as well as three cousins from my maternal aunt.

Kids Garden:

ok! My both Sisters have two childern each. My brother have two childern too. I have two. Sfurti bahtia, Saksham bhatia, Sushant bahtia, Jahnvi Bhatia,  Paras chawla, Mohit chawla, Isha banga, Dev banga are the flower of this Kids Garden.